Team Norway

Teamleader Ina W Eriksen

I live in Horten with my man and two dogs – Phlox the dalmatian and Malaika the Rhodesian Ridgeback. I’m a rally judge, instructor, and an active competitor with both our dogs. I have trained different dog sports such as agility, obedience, blood tracking but it wasn’t until I found rally obedience, I started to compete with my former dog in 2015. I’ve found my passion in life – rally obedience.

My ambition as team leader:
I love to develop and grow the teamwork between handler and dog, as well as the teamwork within Team Norway. My biggest strength to the team is my nerdy focus, organizational skills, and knowledge about mental training. The ability to see more than “just” the dog handling helps the team to perform their very best when the pressure is high. I can’t wait to see what we will achieve this year! We are prepared and ready to show what it means to be a Norwegian competitor!

Team trainer Solveig Malme Zetterstrøm

The reason why the teams have come as far as they have, is that the handlers are good dog-trainers who have invested a lot of time to perfect and execute their well-planned training.

My strengths as team trainer is that I know a lot about the Nordic guidelines due to my Experience as a founding member for NKU Rally Obedience committee.

I love working with the interaction between dog and handler, as well as details. As a trainer I like to focus on the handler’s ability to know and analyze their strengths and weaknesses before making detailed training programs. This makes them safer and clearer as a handler. My biggest focus is to ensure these skills within the handlers to make sure that the team grows an even better understanding and execution through their training over time.

Mette Nilsen & Giggs

I live at Brånåsen, north of Oslo. I have two sons in addition to my four-legged son, Giggs. Dogs have been a part of my life for over 30 years, but Giggs is the first dog I have trained to compete with. I love dog sports and hope to be an authorized instructor during this year. In addition to rally obedience, I also do obedience and working dog training.

My strengths: I’m dedicated and love to work with details which also leads to great skill in structure and planning. I’m good at keeping calm in most settings and solving most challenges with a smile and easy laughter.

Giggs’ strengths: Giggs is a clever poodle boy with an easy-going attitude which is loved by most, both dogs and humans. Giggs has a large capacity regarding working and loves to train our various dog sports. He has some sort of his own happiness when working with details, which seems to me quite fascinating.

Giggs’ Merits: Stribukkens Giggs is Norwegian Rally Obedience Champion. Finalist in the Norwegian championship 2019, 2020 and 2021. A member of the talents troop 2021. Competes in class 3 obedience.

Hege Ertvåg & Vegas

I live in Molde with my 3 Australian Kelpies. Dogs have always been a part of my family and I’ve had huge interest in dog training and the theory behind it. I started competing in obedience in 2011 with my belated dalmatian. I’ve tried many dog sports over the years ex: working dog trials, nose work, agility, and rally obedience. I’m totally addicted to dog sports and love to compete.

My strengths: I love to train dogs and enjoy the challenge I get in both training and competitions. I value the feeling I have when competing, the dog’s performance and joy higher than any result we gain. I work very structured to achieve our goals and never quit until they are reached.

Vegas’ strengths: Vegas loves to work and has a high will-to-please. He is strong in any environment and loves challenges. He always strives to do his very best and shows a very loyal companionship to me as his handler.

Vegas’ Merits: Aussie Action’s Black Quick-Step aka Vegas is Norwegian obedience champion. Norwegian rally obedience champion. 11th NM rally obedience 2020. 5th NM rally obedience 2021. Approved in several norwegian mental and functionality tests. Norwegian working dog tracking trial class B. Norwegian and Swedish show champion.

Audhild Mæland & Molly

I live in Stavanger with my husband and two Border Collies. I have competed in different dog-sports, but in 2017 I was introduced to Rally Obedience and fell in love with this sport where age and breed does not matter.

My Strengths: I try to be a good communicator to my dog, so it is easy for her to understand what to do. I love to focus on detail. I guess my colleague thinks I am a bit strange when I suddenly take a “DOUBLE 180 TURN RIGHT THEN LEFT” on my way to the coffee-machine. As a dog-handler there is always time to test new improvements.

Molly’s Strengths: She is a friendly dog that loves everybody. She is easy to train and always tries her best. She loves treats, toys, and me. She is simply the best.

Molly’s Merits: Chocomate’s Harry Molly My is Norwegian National Champion 2018, 2020. 8th individual NoM Denmark 2019. 4th team NoM Denmark 2019.

Geir Ove Håkull & Snella

I live in Egersund with my wife, Janne, who also competed for a spot on the national team this year. We’ve had flat coated retrievers since 1996 and been a breeder since 1999. I started with dog training in 1998 during my time in the military. After that I have competed in working dog trials and obedience. We have been training and competing in rally obedience for 3 years and we love to hold classes in our local club, Dalane Hundeklubb. I love rally obedience and I’m so excited to be a part of this team. This is to me a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

My strengths: Focused, stubborn and won’t give up until my goals are achieved.

Snellas strengths: Easy to train, environmentally stable and has a good mentality.

Snellas merits: Miss Mallory’s True Love aka Snella is Norwegian rally obedience champion. Norwegian national champion 2021. 2 CERT open class show. 1 CERT obedience class 3. Place retriever hunting. Place working dog scent trials class D and C.

Stine Strander & Keira

I live in the rural areas of Norway close to Lillehammer with my man, two norwegian Buhund and one Corgi. Dogs are my big love in life, and it became extra fun when I started competing and our team bond developed into what we have today. I started with obedience and agility before I was hooked on rally obedience. Keira has never competed in anything else. I have competed in rally obedience since 2016 and Keira had her debut one year later.

My strengths: I’m very focused and have a well-developed competitive instinct. I won’t give up and work very hard when I’ve set a goal i want to achieve. My understanding and knowledge about my dogs are very good.

Keira’s strengths: Keira loves to train rally obedience. She shows lots of energy and great endurance and one of her cute things is that she is very pleased with herself after succeeding in something we are working on. She is very sweet, and our bond is very strong which makes her really give it her all when we do things together.

Keira’s merits: Fantejenta’s Caja aka Keira is Norway’s very first buhund to achieve the rally obedience championship. Norwegian national championship 2nd 2020, 3rd 2019. Reserve NoM Denmark 2019.

Karianne Johansson & Chili

I live in a rural spot outside Oslo with my man and my 4-year-old son. We have two golden retrievers and 15 hens. Other than dog sports my interests are nature, cross-country skiing, and gardening. I work as a forest keeper and am lucky to have my dogs with me every day at work. I got my first dog 12 years ago, a mixed breed, who lives his older days with my parents. I’ve been training in rally obedience since 2016, prior to that I used to compete in agility and obedience.

My strengths: I’m a natural born competitor, and I rarely experience that my nerves keep me from doing my very best. My focus is that my dogs enjoy and love the training and competitions we do together.

Chilis strengths: He is 10 years old and is very experienced. His creativity is not very high, which means he rarely does anything on his own – he always awaits my cues and commands. He is sturdy, safe and loves to work with me. He is also a typical retriever, highly motivated by food!

Chilis merits: Solsvingen’s Chablis aka Chili is Norwegian national champion 2017. 8th Norwegian national championship 2016. 2nd Norwegian national championship 2019. 3rd Norwegian national championship 2021. Attended NoM Denmark 2019. 2nd price obedience class 3. Qualified for retriever hunting. Competed in retriever gun dog trials.

Michelle Malmåsen & Snow

I live in Sarpsborg with my man and 7 dogs, 6 hovawart and 1 border collie. I started my dog career in 1999 with obedience. In 2015 I was introduced to rally obedience which has become my great passion in life. I work full time as a dog instructor and breeds Hovawart and border collie. In 2019 I was the team trainer for the first Norwegian national team. Dogs are my life and I love it!

My strengths: I’m focused and love to work with details. My work ethic is very high and I’m not afraid of challenges. My way of training is purely positive and fair dog training. I have a strong mental focus in competitions and strive to be a safe and clear handler for my dogs.

Snow’s strengths: She is very positive, happy and loves to work with me. She has an extreme will-to-please and is easy to motivate. Her focus and work capacity when working on details is endless.

Snow’s merits: Kiæråsen’s Cnø aka Snow is Norwegian winner class 3 rally obedience. Norwegian honorary award class elite rally obedience. 6th Norwegian national championship 2020. 4th Norwegian national championship 2021.