Team Sweden

Team Leader Linda Penttilä

I’ve been a dog nerd since I was 10 years old. Today I have a 4 year old Kelpie and a white Miniature schnauzer who is the sweetest gentleman at 12 years of age. I began with Rally obedience 2008 and won the first ever Swedish Championship.

I am a judge both in Swedish and Nordic Rally Obedience. I am also an instructor and rally secretary. Over the years I have been coaching lots of dog handlers.

I had the honor of being Team leader for the Swedish rallyteam at the first Nordic Championship in Denmark where the team reached second place – Silver. This year we aim higher! It will be so much fun to be the leader of this amazing team together with Diana!

Assistant Team Leader Diana Huuki

I live on the countryside outside of Stockholm with my boyfriend and 3 dogs.
I bought my first dog 2006, a Danish Swedish farmdog I named Tyra. She is 15 years old today and I also have 2 males of the same breed, Akke and Valter.
I have been competing in Rally Obedience mostly, but also traditional Qbedience and Agility.
I have been competing in the Swedish Championships sins 2012 with my dogs, and have been in finals 6 out of 8 times. Together with my teammate Cilla we have won the Swedish Championships for teams 2 times.
I am also a judge in both Swedish and Nordic Rally Obedience. I look forward to be a part of the Swedish team and help Team Sweden in every way I can.

Monica Svensson & Zkoj

I live in Skåne with four dogs in my small herd. I bought my very first dog 9 years ago and soon fell in love with rally obedience. We started our first competition 2014 and after that I was stuck in our wonderful sport. Also, this sport has given me so many fantastic friends for life!

My strength: I asked my friends and they answered that I am; goal-oriented, structured and have a good plan of action. I strive to always focus and to learn as much as possible and to always do what is best for my dogs.

Zkoj’s strength: Zkoj is a five year old poodle. He was born a gentleman. He is sharp, sensitive, careful and a fast learner. He can read my thoughts, for better or for worse.

Merits: Zkoj started his first Swedish Championship when he had just turned two years old. Then we managed to compete in another Swedish Championship before the outbreak of Covid-19. Actually, we have qualified for the Swedish Championships every year since 2018. Last year we won the Swedish championship for teams and now we have qualified for the Swedish national team. I am so incredibly happy and grateful for everything we have achieved and get to experience.

Jessica Adler & Ture

Me and my partner Stephan have just bought a farm north of Uppsala and will move there in October. We have a lot of dogs, mostly hunting dogs. Living in the household besides Ture we got Whoopi, a toller born in June and three Labradors. My main work is on the breeder association for Swedish trotting horses. Besides rally obedience Ture competes in obedience, tracking and hunting.

My strengths: I love spending time with my dogs, and I think my great strength is that when I get a new challenge, I go for it 100%. To perform at my best, I have found that I need to organize my training as if it is a competition.

Ture’s strengths: The most amazing thing about Ture is that he is very easy to give rewards, and loves different types of rewards! That makes the training and competing very easy.

Ture’s merits:
Rally Obedience: SM 2019, third place in team-SM 2019 and 2020.
Obedience: 1 CERT in Class 3
Tracking: Approved in High Class
Game Tracking: Champion
Tolling hunt: third price in open class

Maja Holmström & Penny

I live with my family and dogs in Helsingborg, my husband calls me for “a crazy dog lady”, and that´s very true. I have my own dog company and I´m a breeder of barbets. Except that, I work as a laboratory assistant on a biological company. Competing in rally obedience is my biggest passion in life and I spend very much time on it. If I have any time left, I create dog portrait in wool by needle felting.

My strengths: I guess one of my strengths is that I enjoy solving problems in dog training and often think “outside the box”. It´s important to me that both me and my dogs have fun when we work together.

Pennys strengths: Pennys strengths is that she doesn´t care about new places and disturbance and I´m very proud of her that she can work very well with me, even if we don´t live together. She is always ready to work and do it with a wagging tail.

Our merites: Swedish rally champion. Started in Swedish championship 2019. Winner of the Swedish championship for teams 2020

Åsa Skog & Czillah

I have always loved beeing out in the nature, and ten years ago I decided that I wanted to have company on my walks. I meet a woman who was out walking with four pumis – then and there I fell in love with this beautiful breed, so I decided to go for a pumi! And for nine lovely years I’ve had my pumi Czillah beside me through rain and sunshine!

My strengths: As a dogtrainer I always try to look at dogtraining from the dogs perspective. And if anything goes wrong, it’s my fault – I’ve failed to give the dog right or understandable information of what I want it to do. When it happens, I try to change the exercise and do something different – think outside the box!

Czillah’s strengths: My dog is highly sensitive, an ”easy-learner” and really wants to do right. And it’s like we have an invisible bond between us, she relays on me and I relay on her. 

Our Merits: Czillah and I have competed a lot, some highlites in Rally-O:
We won the Swedish Championship 2019. Second place with the Swedish Team at NM 2019. Fifth place at NM 2019.

Lisa Grönstedt Vilhelmsson & Ever on Tam

I live in the forest in Sölvesborg south of Sweden with my husband, two teenagers, three dogs and a cat.  My family and training my dogs takes all my spare time.

My strengths: We practice different sorts of training for example obedience, advanced special search, tracking, freestyle and of course rally obedience and that in everything we do together, we all have a great fun and enjoy what we do.

Ever on Tam’s strengths: He is so cooperative, he always tries his best, he is easy to travel with and he is my best friend.

Our merits: In rally obedience Tam is champion, we have qualified to SM 5 times, we came in 3rd place last time. We were in the Swedish silverteam last time in NM and we were in the silverteam in SM for teams. In obedience Tam is champion and we have qualified to SM once. In freestyle we are in level 3.

Roffe Hägne & Messi

I live in Stockholm with my wife and my two dogs. Miniature schnauzer Messi 9 years old and Shetland Sheepdog Chappe 3 years old. I have been doing most things in dog sports. I have for about 35 years trained and competed in track, search, report, protection, obedience, game tracking, agility and special search.

My strengths: I love to train and compete with my dogs. It’s a great feeling when the collaboration works and we have fun together. I also like new challenges and learning new things.

Messi’s strengths: Messi is attentive and alert. He loves to train, do things over and over again. He is also crazy about rewards. It can be with sweets or toys.

Messi’s merits: Messi has qualified for the Swedish Championships every year since 2015. Messi is not only good at rally obedience, he is also Swedish Obedience Champion, promoted in track and also competes in agility. He can also search for different kinds of drugs, gunpowder and the corpse. Messi has participated in three Team Championships in Rally Obedience, the team’s best placement is split gold. This is the second time that Messi has been selected for the Swedish national team in rally obedience.

Annika Malmros Borell & Ninja

I live outside Stockholm with my husband, son and our 3 dogs. I bought my first dog in 1993 and after that I can’t imagine a life without dogs. I have tried different dog sports over the years but it wasn’t until 5 years ago that I tried rally obedience and now I am completely stuck with this amazing dog sport. In addition to rally obedience, we are also doing some hunting apporting and Nosework.

My strengths:
I asked my friends what they thought my strengths are and they replied that I am focused, inventive and love challenges. I don’t give up, I’m always looking for new ways to reach our goal. I’m not really a competitive person but I always want to try to improve what we do and always give 100% to succeed.

Ninjas strengths: Ninja’s strength is that she can so easily switch from working in a nursing home during the day and being fantastic calm with our elderly people who live there to going out in our free time and giving everything and a little more at training and competition. She willingly supports everything we do.

Ninjas merits: Rally obedience: jubileumschansen SM 2018, SM 2019 and now Swedish national team.